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Looks like a squid attacked you!

Seems like an obvious tip but, try, try, try to AVOID touching the ink nozzle with your fingers when handling an ink cartridge.

Opened inkjet cartridges will usually dry out within a couple of days if it isn’t seated in the printer. .

Or, are you experiencing Inkjet printer drying out?

Top of the check list, it is good practice to run a print head cleaning every week.

When the print head on the printer is dry, replacing the cartridges will not solve your problem.

The print head is located in the printer, not a part of the inkjet cartridge.

Running a print through the printer on a regular basis will help prevent drying out.

Ink cartridge Check ups and First Aid

If the ink nozzle gets clogged, you can attempt to dissolve the dried ink by soaking the ink cartridge in water for approximately 3 minutes.

You may experience a small amount of ink leakage after a refill, but keep in mind it will stop leaking; once the air pressure inside the ink cartridge evens out. In the event that the ink cartridge leaks a lot, put the ink cartridge on a folded piece of paper or in a paper cup until the leak stops, then wipe the ink cartridge clean and try again.

Red Flags that the ink is low can include a light image or white streaks. It is in your best interest to check the ink level before a large print run to ensure that you do not run out of ink. If the ink cartridge is leaking after a refill, do not put it back into your printer.

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